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The process of registering for our database has been organized by local, state, and national level listings. The questions are similar registering for all of them, but the state and national listings have a few more required fields.

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All fields have a description what they are, how they are used, and offer recommendations to fill them out. Once you've input your information, you'll be given the option to preview your listing and see it in context before submitting, or you can skip the preview and just submit. Once you submit, you'll receive a message that your listing was successfully submitted and then, at that time, it will be given to us for review. As we review your listing, our interns will contact you if we have any questions.

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“We, too, must be servants. It is true that in life there are problems; we argue among ourselves, but this must be something that passes, a passing phase. In our hearts, there must always be this love to serve the other, to be at the service of others.

- Pope Francis